Letter from Raiwind June 15, 2020

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    Letter from Raiwind June 15, 2020
    My venerable brothers,
    Assalaamu alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuh.
    I hope that you are all well and that you are busy doing the high work of
    To learn and spread it all over the world.
    My dear! Success can only be achieved with Din. And Din comes into people’s lives,
    if you do the effort of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the same way,
    like he did. And it was this effort that he made, like the conditions
    were also. Allah Taala therefore always sends different states to the people who
    do this work so that they get the opportunity to work in any situation
    of dawah to satisfy Allah.
    This effort has some amaal:
    -invite to Allah
    -Ilm that connects one with Allah to learn and teach
    -to spend yourself in Dhikr, Dua and Ibadah and to encourage others to do so
    – make the creatures of Allah Khidmah
    This Amaal should be used with the correct Yaqin, in the manner of the Prophet
    sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, with the desire for the Fadhail, with the awareness that Allah
    see us and that one is nothing, and with the pure intention only for Allah
    do. And if we have the certainty that the success of every poor and rich
    in the world is that you do this Amaal with Sifaat and when it is clear that
    no prophet will now appear to show people this way of the Amaal and
    therefore this ummah must invite all people in the world to be one
    Certainly use life and its assets for this effort. Because Allah has it
    Given life and the fortune to use it for this work. To this amaal
    to bring into existence with Sifaat, the Amaal were established by Dawah.
    My dear! Why do we worry about the conditions? Allah Taala has Ahkam for every situation
    given. Success lies in executing these commands. Khandaq was so bad
    Conditions occurred that Allah Taala himself said about believers being tested
    and were shaken violently. But when the believers stood firm and
    said, “This is what Allah and His Messenger promised us” was that
    Result from this fierce test so that it is not a bit too through this maple
    Damage had come and her Iman and her actions were strengthened. As the
    Help from Allah and support from the hidden turned to them
    Life after Din in its most complete way alive in every area of ​​life and everywhere
    became the blessing and mercy of Allah and prosperity due to His grace,
    visible. Right now our task is only so much that we remain turned to Allah Taala who
    Adhere to the Sunnah Amaal and supplications and that we keep praying Salatul Hajah and Him
    then ask: “O Allah, remove the work from us in the way you like it.”
    One of the rules of our work is that we don’t ask for anything from ourselves and ourselves
    don’t complain about anyone. The work should be done in compliance with local laws
    Taking into account the right opportunity and under the Mashurah of those responsible
    to be continued. If there is something to clarify in some things, every brother should
    together with the Jamaah of his Masjid go to the people of the Mashurah and together
    to ask. Messages that come from here and there should be absolutely ignored. Neither
    you should consider this news as true and pass it on, you should still try
    to prove that these are untrue and you shouldn’t do any research on them
    hire. In every area, the brothers should keep in touch with their elders. And
    if one thing cannot be resolved, then everyone should do it together by letter
    to ask. This way in Sha Allah is closest to the correct Nahj
    Job. May Allah Taala support you all and help you all. Salaam Masnun to everyone
    Brothers and please make dua too.
    Faqad was Salaam
    Hazrat Maulana Nazarur Rahman Sahib Damat Barakaatuhum

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