PTI- Meeting 26.04 Munich and initial steps discussed

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    Dear All,

    First of all, Thank you very much for your participation and valuable comments.

    We are glad to announce the first team of members, who have registered their names with PTI in Munich and establish a base ground for the party presence locally and later country wide participation, InshaAllah.

    Members are:

    – Mr. Asif

    – Mr. Fahad bin Aziz

    – Mr. Kyani

    – Mr. Lodhi

    – Mr. Misbah

    – Mr. Tariq Khan

    – Mr. Umar

    – Mr. Umair Butt

    – Mr. Zaheer

    We have discussed about the active participation of our professionals working in Munich and the business community to come forward and play a strong role in building up party strength in Munich.

    All members are requested to contact their friends and/or relatives to assist party building process in Munich. This is a common cause and every individual has a responsibility on his shoulders.

    Next Saturday or Sunday InshaAllah, we are arranging a room for a membership meeting. Our work during this week is to collect people for this meeting. Please contact all people you think can be helpfull in this party establishing process and invite them to come to meeting.

    Please share your opinion or any update in this thread.

    Kind regards


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    Misbah Bahi,

    What happend? Was there any meeting today.

    I am going in Jamat for 3 day and will be not able to attend meeting tomorrow. If is there any?

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